Since all of our restaurants and kitchens are real-life classrooms; menus and service styles are based on strict academic guidelines and may change without notice. Even though you will enjoy an experience like at any other restaurants, we ask you to kindly respect some basic rules so all our students on practical duty can achieve their learning outcomes.

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Dress code

Dinner: Elegantly casual. Dress to impress. Jeans, sport shoes or practical uniforms are not allowed Reservations and entrance

Reservations are accepted everyday, 24/24, online only. They are mandatory for both lunch and dinner and can only be made a maximum of 2 weeks in advance.

Reservation will be kept for up to 15 minutes, after this time it will be released and the cancellation policies apply. ID cards must be presented upon arrival. There are strict guidelines regarding the use of ID cards, please click here for details. Students who does not bring their student card will be required to either get their card or pay for the meal.

Cancellations and no-shows

The student who reserved the table is responsible for the reservation. In the event of a no-show, the student responsible will be charged a CHF 35 fee per cover directly into his/her student account. Tables can be cancelled before 16:00 on the day of reservation. Selling reservation is forbidden. Student who is reported or proved involving selling reservation to others, he / she will be in the black list of Tacot Restaurant. The maximum number of people per table is 6. We do not accept reservations for a specific table.

Settling your bill

Students & faculty must present their cards for billing purposes. Food is included on the full board meal plan. External guests, family members and visitors must settle their bill directly in the restaurant. See our prices here

We accept cash and all credit cards.


Les Roches Kir 10cl CHF 6.00

Les Roches Bellini 10cl CHF 6.00

Pre-dinner cocktails from Tacot’s bar

Please ask our team for daily recommendation CHF 4.00

Non-alcoholic & Juices

Mocktail Bora Bora 30cl CHF 5.00

Pineapple juice, orange juice, tomato juice 30cl CHF 4.00

Ramseier, sparkling apple juice 30cl CHF 4.50

Soft drinks

Orangina 25cl CHF 4.50

Coca cola 33cl CHF 4.50

Coca light 33cl CHF 4.50


Les Roches beers: VOID Brunette or LEET Blonde 33cl CHF 3.50

Heineken 25cl CHF 4.50

Wines by the glass

Sparkling wine

Prosecco Marsuret di Valdobbiadene, DOC Treviso, Veneto 10cl CHF 4.00

White wine

Petite Arvine, Clos de Cochetta, Valais AOC, Robert Gilliard, Sion 10cl CHF 5.00

Heida, Valais AOC, Robert Gilliard, Sion 10cl CHF 5.00

Amigne Heritage, Valais AOC, Varone, Sion 10cl CHF 5.00

Johannisberg Elegant, Valais AOC, Cave St. Michel, Corin 10cl CHF 5.00

Rose wine

Œil- de- perdrix, Valais AOC, Varone, Sion 10cl CHF 4.00

Red wine

Merlot, Domaine Tyné, Valais AOC, Rouvinez, Sierre 10cl CHF 6.00

Sada Integolo IGT, Tuscany 10cl CHF 4.00

Gamélys Galant, Valais AOC, Cave St. Michel, Corin 10cl CHF 5.00

Sparkling wine and champagne


Prosecco Marsuret DOC Treviso, Veneto 75cl CHF 25.00

From Prosecco grapes. It is a medium body sparkling wine, pleasant and harmonious. Very interesting as aperitif or it can make a full meal.

Franciacorta DOCG Ziliani, Lombardia 75cl CHF 44.00

From Chardonnay and Pinot noir grapes. The elegance of the first grape is in perfect harmony with the fineness of the second.With scents of yellow peach and flowers it can easily pair a full menu.


Laurent Perrier Brut, AOC J. Lemoine, Reims Champagne 75cl CHF 90.00

With its composition marked by a high percentage of Chardonnay, Laurent-Perrier Brut offers freshness, lightness and elegance, complex flavors of glazed pear, candied lemon zest, golden raisin, marzipan. It can pair a full menu.

White wines


Fendant de Sierre, Valais AOC, Rouvinez, Sierre 75cl CHF 25.00

From Chasselas grapes, this wine is dominated by floral odors. Light body fruity and sometime stony. Goes well with raclette, cheese fondue, freshwater fish, and simply as an aperitif.

Petite Arvine, Pierre Ollaire, Valais AOC, Robert Gilliard, Sion 75cl CHF 28.00

Petit Arvine is an autochthones grape. Floral, fruity, grape fruity, full body with a final and a particular saline taste. Goes well with saltwater fish, white meat, oysters, seafood, pan-fried duck liver, and mountain cheese.

Heida, Valais AOC, Robert Gilliard, Sion 75cl CHF 28.00

Dry white wine produced from Savagnin grapes. Visperterminen, Upper Valais, is the highest wine growing area of Europe, approx. 1100 m. Producing this wine as well. Goes well with oriental dishes, saltwater fish, crayfish, and white meat with sweet spices.

Amigne Heritage, Valais AOC, Varone, Sion 75cl CHF 28.00

Amigne are late grapes producing medium or sweet wines. This Amigne is generous, full bodied and slightly sweet, with orange and mandarin notes. Goes well with saltwater fish in a creamy sauce, poultry or white meat in general.

Johannisberg, Porte de Novembre, Valais AOC, Gilliard, Sion 75cl CHF 29.00

From Sylvaner grapes. The slight sweetness and the agreeable bitterness and the good harmony make this wine really interesting. Goes well with duck liver, terrine, asparagus in sauce, and fruit tart.

Angeline Vendange Tardive, Valais AOC, Provins, Sion 35cl CHF 30.00

Sweet wine, blend of Pinot blanc, Pinot Gris and Marsanne. It has aromas of honey and almonds. Goes well with duck liver and desserts.


Chardonnay DOC, Kössler, Südtirol Alto Adige 75cl CHF 28.00

Finely-fruited, typical aroma with notes of ripe tropical fruits. South Tyrol is the perfect place to develop its fresh taste and balanced full body. Goes well with white meat, shellfish, oysters and fish in a sauce.

The good balance of acidity and alcohol together with the aroma of blackcurrant leaf, green apples, and gooseberries make this wine simply excellent. Goes well with white meat, shellfish, oysters and fish in a sauce.

Vermentino di Sada IGT, Toscana 75cl CHF 34.00

Complex and aromatic with floral notes and hints of peaches, flowers, sage and rosemary. This wine is persistent, full and well balanced by the mineral notes. Goes well with poultry and white meat in a sauce.


Pouilly Fumé AOC, Le Petit Fumé, M. Redde 75cl CHF 35.00

From Sauvignon grapes, it is a full body wine with notes of green apples and ripe almonds. Fresh and mineral, with a good finish. Goes well with saltwater fish, poultry in sauce, and white meat.

Chablis AOC - Vieilles Vignes de S.te Claire 75cl CHF 37.00

From Chardonnay grapes, pale yellow color. Notes of mandarin, white pepper and acacia flowers. Intense, vibrant, and very good persistence. Goes well with saltwater fish, poultry in sauce, and white meat.

Rosé wine


Œil- de- perdrix, Valais AOC, Varone, Sion 75cl CHF 25.00

From Pinot noir grapes, medium body, velvety and agreeable in the mouth it is often carried by a fresh liveliness. Goes well with grilled fish and white meat.

Red wines


Pinot noir de Sierre, Valais AOC, Rouvinez 75cl CHF 28.00

Noble and powerful on the palate, progressively emitting blackcurrant and violet flavors when the tannin fades. Goes well with baked or roasted poultry or with meat in general.

Syrah Grand Métral, Valais AOC, Provins, Sion 75cl CHF 28.00

From Syrah grapes, full body, fruity, spicy with pepper notes. Goes well with lamb, game meat in general, red meat, and spicy dishes.

Gamélys Galant, Valais AOC, Cave St. Michel, Worin 75cl CHF 29.00

From Gamay, Gamaret and Diolinoir grapes, is a full body, well-structured wine. It is our signature wine, as the students of Les Roches have participated in this wine making process. Goes well with white meat in a sauce and red meat.

Merlot, Domaine Tyné, Valais AOC, Rouvinez, Sierre 75cl CHF 44.00

From Merlot grape is powerful, elegant with silky tannins. Goes well with red meat, marinated game stew, meat in a sauce, stuffed poultry, and aged Cheese.

Cornalin Montibeux, Valais AOC, Rouvinez, Sierre 75cl CHF 44.00

Cornalin is a native type of grape. It is elegant, full body well structured red wine with scents of red berries. Goes well with lamb, veal, and red meat.

Il Rosso Di Chiara DOC, Paolo Basso, Lugano, Ticino 75cl CHF 49.00

The best sommelier of the world 2013 produces his own wine. Chiara is the name of his daughter; rosso is the color of her hair. An elegant medium to full body wine made of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc. The scents of amarena and sweet spices, together with the balance of the velvety tannins make an elegant and harmonious gastronomic wine. Goes well with stuffed poultry, white meat in a sauce, and red meat.


Château Les Trois Croix AOC, Fronsac, Bordeaux 75cl CHF 48.00

From Cabernet Franc and Merlot, of a good balance and structure it is ample in the palate. The aroma of black fruits completes the elegance of this wine. Goes well with red meat, meat in a sauce, games, and aged cheese.

Savigny les Beaune AOC, Remoissenet Père &Fils, Burgundy 75cl CHF 59.00

From Pinot noir grapes this full-bodied wine is deep, and soft. Of a good Structure and elegant tannins, it goes with red meat or meat in a sauce.


Cóndita, Bodigas Ramiro, Castilla y León 75cl CHF 43.00

From Tempranillo grapes, the texture is smooth and not heavy, with just enough acidity to keep it lively. Final agreeable persistence. Goes well with meat and dishes in a sauce


Sada Integolo IGT, Tuscany75cl CHF 26.00

From Cabernet and Montepulciano grape it is un intense and elegant medium body wine. It ends with a sensation of a long aftertaste of fruit and spice. Goes well with dishes in a sauce or grilled food in general.

Aglianico, DOC, Irpina Rosso D’Antiche Terre, Campania 75cl CHF 24.00

Very old grape from Basilicata region south of Italy. Medium body wine with good, mature and balanced tannins. The aroma of red fruit plum, cherry, red berries makes a good quality wine. Goes well with grilled dishes or meat in general.

Barbera d’Alba, DOC, L. Sandrone, Piemont 75cl CHF 35.00

A beautiful blend of red and black cherries, raw cocoa, a myriad of spices tones, very complex, roses and woodsmoke. On the palate the wine is deep, full-bodied and utterly seamless, with great mid-palate depth, stunning purity, ripe, elegant tannins

Nebbiolo d’Alba, DOC, L. Sandrone, Piemont 75cl CHF 57.00

From Nebbiolo grape, it is un harmonious blend of red fruits, cassis, pomegranate and rose petals. It has good structure in the mouth where a nice minerality emerges in the Mid-palate, followed by a long, smooth, sweet finish. Goes well with red meat, venison saddle, and aged cheese. Very strong ageing potential.

Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOC, Cà La Bionda,Veneto 75cl CHF 79.00 Usually known as Amarone, is a typically rich Italian dry red wine made from the partially dried grapes of the Corvina (45% – 95%, of which up to 50% could be substituted with Corvinone), Rondinella (5% – 30%) and other approved red grape varieties (up to 25%).Typical astringency which makes this wine unique. Goes well with wild game, red meat, filled baked poultry, cheese.


Malbec Trumpeter, Mendoza, Rutini Wines 75cl CHF 26.00

From Malbec grapes, it has ripe fruit flavours, excellent balance and concentration. Goes well with red meat, dishes in a sauce.

South Africa

Pinotage, Western cape, Raka, South Africa 75cl CHF 36.00 75cl CHF 26.00 From a cross of Pinot noir and Cinsault grapes, it is South Africa own variety of grape. It gives a robust spicy pepper character and a warm berry fruit. Goes well with dishes in a sauce, red meat, old cheese.75cl CHF 26.00 Chile

Merlot Reserva, Central Valley, Terra Noble 75cl CHF 26.00

From Merlot grapes, this medium bodied wine has flavours and aromas of cherries, raspberries, and strawberries with hints of vanilla and clove.Filled baked poultry meat or red meat make a good pairing.


Zinfandel Beyer Ranch, Livermore Valley-San Francisco Bay, Wente 75cl CHF 35.00

Zinfandel synonymous of Primitive wine from Italy, it has aromas of plums with hints of raspberry and blueberry. It is well-balanced on the palate with good acidity and delicious toasty oak. All meat and dishes in a sauce can make a good pairing.

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